Adam Kuhn
Adam Kuhn
Born May 1, 1990
Hometown Sterling, Virginia
Game Summary
Original Season AYTO? 1
Money Won $50,000
Spin-offs AYTO? SC (final)
Social Media
Twitter IamAdamKuhn
Instagram iamadamkuhn

AYTO? Season 1 Gameplay Edit

Adam has a reputation for being a man-whore in his small hometown in Virginia, and it's a reputation he admits he deserves. But he doesn't think he's a bad guy. Adam realizes he needs a girl who is independent and athletic but not as much of a party animal as he is. He needs a girl who will "put him in his place" rather than letting him walk all over her.

Getaway Challenge Gameplay Edit

AYTO? Second Chances Gameplay Edit


In the very first episode of Are You The One? Shanley was sent to the Truth Booth and found out that her crush was not her match. However, that didn’t stop Shanley and her “No Match” from maintaining a relationship that sent the rest of the AYTO house into chaos. At the same time, Adam was in the middle of his own on-again-off-again- crazy-again relationship. As a result, they were never on each other’s radar. Adam and Shanley don’t share a romantic spark but acknowledge that the matchmakers got something right because they are now best friends who chat at least once a week. Now these besties are ready to prove that their relationship might not be perfect - but they’re the ultimate Perfect Match.

Episode Mission Partner Result Team Money
1 Find Your House Shanley 3rd $25,000
2 In Sickness & In Health 4th $25,000
3 Perfect match Selfie 2nd $35,000
4 Local Gifts N/A $35,000
5 Get in Sync 4th $35,000
6 Let Your Guard Down 3rd $40,000
7 Communication Skills 4th $40,000
8 Get In The Groove 1st $60,000
9 Keep Your Cool 3rd $60,000
10 Get Out of Melbourne 3rd $0
     The team won the mission and was safe from elimination.
     The team was safe from elimination.
     The team was voted into The Choice and decided to 'Share' their money, therefore remaining in the game.
     The team placed 3rd in the final mission.

Outside Show Appearances Edit