Brittany Baldassari
Brittany Baldassari
Born December 19, 1988
Hometown Boston, Massachusetts
Game Summary
Original Season AYTO? 1
Money Won $50,000
Social Media
Twitter brittany_baldi
Instagram brittanybaldi

AYTO? Season 1 Gameplay Edit

Having wasted years dating a douchebag, Brittany has no intention of ever settling for anything less than perfection. Unfortunately, that means she has absolutely no patience for anyone who doesn't measure up... and her "must-have" list is pages long. She is a "jack of all trades," staying busy with local hosting jobs, getting her spin teacher certification, modeling, and emceeing. Brittany needs a man who meets all her criteria and can keep up with her work hard -- play hard attitude towards anything that comes her way.

Getaway Challenge Gameplay Edit

Outside Show Appearances Edit