David Shad
Hometown San Diego, California
Nickname(s) Shad
Game Summary
Original Season AYTO? 6
Social Media
Instagram dave_shad


David Shad, or simply “The Shad,” may be lacking in relationship tools but he’s not lacking in confidence. As a perfectionist, he sets very high expectations for himself and he always needs to “win.” But his need to “win” at love causes him to chase his idea of the “perfect” relationship and the “perfect” woman, which doesn’t exist. Can Shad learn to drop his superficial expectations to find the Perfect Match he’s been searching for?

Getaway Challenge Gameplay Edit

Episode Challenge Partner/Pick Result
1 What You See Is What You Get Jada Getaway
2 Shoot Your Shot Ucha Getaway
3 Rhea Egg Keyana No Date
4 Know Your Guy Alexis No Date
6 Family Matters N/A No Date
7 Louisiana Gumbo Nurys No Date
8 Exed Out N/A No Date
9 Blinded By Love Alexis No Date