Kaylen Zahara
Kaylen Zahara
Hometown Compton, California
Game Summary
Original Season AYTO? 4
Money Won $37,500
Spin-offs AYTO? SC
Social Media
Twitter amazedbykay
Instagram amazedbykay

AYTO? Season 4 Gameplay Edit

Kaylen is all about being tuned in with her energies and the energies of others. But sometimes maintaining her zen in difficult situations is easier said than done. Like when her date took her out to an expensive restaurant for her birthday and left her the bill (as a gift). Unfortunately, the sales manager tends to be drawn to the energies of losers -- but can she uncover her spiritual match who will give her heart the namaste that it deserves?

Getaway Challenge Gameplay Edit

Truth Booth Match-ups Edit

Episode Potential Match Result
5 Giovanni No

AYTO? Second Chances Gameplay Edit


For Asaf and Kaylan, Season 4 was defined by relationships with their mis-matches, Francesca and Gio. When Kaylan’s “No Match” relationship crashed and burned it sent shockwaves throughout the entire AYTO house. Asaf’s was all about his own “No Match” relationship until faced with having to choose strategy over love in the final Match Up Ceremony. When Asaf felt torn at the end, it was Kaylen’s insightful perspective that he turned to.Even though they never explored a romantic connection, the two recognize just how much they balance each other out. This is a chance for Kaylan and Asaf to see just how deep that connection goes.

Episode Mission Partner Result Team Money
1 Find Your House Asaf 2nd $30,000
2 In Sickness & In Health 8th $30,000
3 Perfect match Selfie 8th $15,000
4 Local Gifts 7th $7,500
5 Get in Sync 6th $0
     The team was safe from elimination.
     The team received last place and was eliminated.
     The team received last place but remained in the game due to another contestant, who got voted into The Choice, stealing the money from their partner, and remained in the game.