Michael Johnson
Hometown Knoxville, Tennessee
Game Summary
Original Season AYTO? 6
Social Media
Twitter michaeldean2_0
Instagram michaeldean2.0


The perfect combination of his hippy mom and salt of the earth dad, Michael has rugged good looks and the soul of an artist. Getting girls has never been Michael’s problem and when he finds someone that he likes he rushes into the relationship. However, his actions tend to move faster than his emotions and as soon as he has any doubts he’s quick to drop her. Will Michael realize that to get the relationship that he wants he needs to lead with his emotions and let the relationship follow?

Getaway Challenge Gameplay Edit

Episode Challenge Partner/Pick Result
1 What You See Is What You Get N/A No Date
2 Shoot Your Shot N/A No Date
3 Rhea Egg Audrey Getaway
4 Know Your Guy Audrey No Date
6 Family Matters N/A No Date
7 Louisiana Gumbo Audrey No Date
8 Exed Out N/A No Date
9 Blinded By Love Audrey Getaway