Mikala Thomas
Mikala Thomas
Hometown Ocean City, New Jersey
Game Summary
Original Season AYTO? 4
Money Won $37,500
Spin-offs AYTO? SC
Social Media
Twitter MikalaThomass
Instagram mikalathomass

AYTO? Season 4 Gameplay Edit

Mikala is spontaneous and the ultimate adventurer -- all the guys want her, but she can’t seem to hold a guy down for long. If a laundry list of unfaithful exes is any indication, it’s because Mikala tends to fall for guys who don’t want to be committed. Can she meet the guy who will challenge her adventurous spirit without breaking her spirited heart?

Getaway Challenge Gameplay Edit

Truth Booth Match-ups Edit

Episode Potential Match Result
3 Cameron Perfect Match

AYTO? Second Chances Gameplay Edit


The first confirmed Perfect Match of Are You The One? Season 4, Cameron and Mikala are living the AYTO dream. After their season, they moved in together, adopted a cat, and are living happily ever after. But having spent most of their Season 4 winnings to move Mikala across the country, happily ever after has come with a tight budget. Cameron’s hoping that this will be a second chance to earn some extra cash so he can finally treat Mikala to the things he thinks she deserves. For Mikala, it’s all about finding ways to grow as a couple and hopefully making their already strong connection stronger.

Episode Mission Partner Result Team Money
1 Find Your House Cameron 7th $20,000
2 In Sickness & In Health 5th $20,000
3 Perfect match Selfie 3rd $25,000
4 Local Gifts 3rd $30,000
5 Get in Sync 3rd $35,000
6 Let Your Guard Down 1st $55,000
7 Communication Skills 2nd $65,000
8 Get In The Groove 3rd $65,000
9 Keep Your Cool 4th $0
     The team won the mission and was safe from elimination.
     The team was safe from elimination.
     The team received last place and was eliminated.
     The team was voted into The Choice and decided to 'Share' their money, therefore remaining in the game.
     The contestant was voted into The Choice and was saved due to it being a non-elimination episode. Their choice was not revealed if they Shared or Stole the money.