Moe Elkhalil
Moe Elkhalil
Hometown Houston, Texas
Game Summary
Original Season AYTO? 7
Age During Filming 22
Social Media
Instagram moelkhalill
Moe Elkhalil is a contestant on Are You The One? Season Of Fate.


Growing up as a Middle Eastern kid in Texas, Moe has unfortunately endured plenty of stereotyping -- but that hasn’t changed his positive attitude. Moe is dedicated to giving back to his community and always tries to lead with warmth and a welcoming spirit, but there’s a flip side to Moe’s loving personality. Push the right buttons, and Moe can turn into a total jerk. Moe’s relationship success is largely dictated by which version of Moe is in control. Will Moe be able to leave his jerk side at the door and channel his positive community-building side toward building a successful long-term relationship?