Nathan Siebenmark
NathanNate Siebenmark
Born June 19, 1992
Hometown Berrien Springs, Michigan
Nickname(s) Nate
Game Summary
Original Season AYTO? 2
Money Won $47,619
Spin-offs AYTO? SC
Social Media
Twitter MtvNateSiebs
Instagram MtvNateSiebs

AYTO? Season 2 Gameplay Edit

Despite his rocker style, faux hawk, and tattoos, Nathan is nothing like the bad boy his looks would suggest. Like any guy he always goes after the “hottest girl” in the room and usually succeeds. Yet, once he has her she is pushed away by his immediate attachment. To find true love does Nathan need to change his ways or does he need to find someone who can love as hard and strongly as he does?

Getaway Challenge Gameplay Edit

Truth Booth Match-ups Edit

Episode Potential Match Result
8 Christina No

AYTO? Second Chances Gameplay Edit


Upon arriving in Puerto Rico, Nate and Ellie had an instant connection and Ellie was crushing hard. Unfortunately, for Nate it was more of a brother/sister thing and Ellie found herself sitting firmly in the friend- zone. Back home the two remained good friends until a confrontation made Ellie block Nate on social media. For Nate and Ellie, this is a chance to rehab their strong bond and see why they’re a Perfect Match.

Episode Mission Partner Result Team Money
1 Find Your House Ellie 4th $20,000
2 In Sickness & In Health 9th $0
     The team was safe from elimination.
     The team received last place and was eliminated.

Outside Show Appearances Edit